Men’s Singles expert Chan Kwong Beng of Malaysia remained invincible in the semi-final round of Ciputra Hanoi Vietnam International Challenge and secured his berth in the title match on March 30, 2013.

He locked horns with Pannawit Thongnuam and their meeting lasted for 50 minutes before ending with decisive figure of 21-18 and 21-14.

The talented Malaysian campaigner raised his chances of success by winning the first set and then served notice of his supremacy in the second set.

On the other hand, Pannawit looked completely dazzled in front of his opponent as he could not pocket even a single match point and crashed out of the event in a woeful manner.

In the opening game, Kwong Beng took some time to read his rival’s game but he did not look back after gaining the right momentum.

He mounted pressure by piling up a significant margin before the mid-game break and then capitalised this psychological edge immediately after the half time.

Though,  the opposing shuttler showed some spark in third quarter of the set but Kwong Beng managed to end this set with a favourable score position of 21-18.

The following game kept swinging between them until one-minute interval but then the Malaysian player tipped the scale in his favour.

Initially, Kwong Beng played with a cautious approach but he showed his real class just before the interval and gained a decent advantage.

He finished first half of the set with a respectable total and then strengthened his grip by prevailing in few consecutive rallies.

In third quarter of the set, Pannawit tried hard to narrow the gap on points table but then his back-to-back mistakes jeopardised his stakes.

Kwong Beng relished full benefits of his competitor’s blunders and reserved his seat in the final round with an impressive result of 21-14.