The Commission for Communications Technology and Information (IMPC) of Saudi Arabia has threatened the companies to block their respective services in their country after labelling applications such as Skype, WhatsApp and Viber break
as illegal and against the law.

"Clearly, some communication applications over the Internet do not meet the current regulatory requirements," reads the statement of the CTCI. The authorities have informed the suppliers (of these telecommunications services) the
need to work with the developers of these applications for meeting the requirements quickly.

A week ago, the daily newspaper Al Hayat claimed that the government officials have asked the telecom companies to put a ban on these services in their region after talking to the owners of those applications
to ensure strict compliance with national legislation.

In August 2010, Saudi telecoms reached an agreement with the Canadian company for their BlackBerry service in Saudi Arabia were used by local servers. And the same would be requiring the services of instant communication.