The Chinese mobile manufacturer, Huawei won, earned EUR 1,900 million last year, up 32% from the previous year. Their online sales of smartphones have grown 60% in total and
managed to reach 120 million despite distributing 32 million units initially.

The revenue of the company rose 8% to 27,100 million Euros, while its consumer business, which includes smartphones, rose 8.4%.

66% of its revenues came from outside China. However,
Europe is their largest market till date. By region, the markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) generated 9.582 million Euros, up 6.1%,the Asia-Pacific region recorded 4,630 million Euros (7.2%), while their total revenue amounted
to EUR 3.932 million (4.3%) in America.

As for their parent country, China, revenues reached 9.112 million Euros, up 12.2% compared to 2011.

Huawei plans to continue growing until 2017by 10% annually. They have remarkably achieved the revenue, despite pressure from some U.S. lawmakers, who have accused the of being a spy arm of the Chinese government.