The prolific scorer was really happy with the Black Yellows’ triumph and has insisted that the victory is all that matters

Robert Lewandowski has expressed his delight with his side’s nail biting 3-2 triumph over FC Malaga in the second leg of their UEFA Champions League quarter final clash and has accepted that the dying minutes of the match were just astounding as they made a huge comeback.

The Bundesliga club were almost knocked out after 90 minutes of play as they were 2-1 behind after the 0-0 draw in the first leg. However, extra time goals from Marco Reus and Felipe Santana rescued the BVB to qualify for the semi finals of the competition.

“It’s really hard to describe what went on tonight, but we’re happy – we’re into the semi-finals. Those final five minutes were absolutely unbelievable. We knew we had to turn the game on its head and it was chaos at the end, but so what? We’re in the semis and we’re delighted,” Lewandowski was quoted as saying in an interview.

“It was difficult after Malaga’s second goal but we knew that whatever happened, we needed to do something. At 2-2 we were desperate to get the winner and when Felipe [Santana]’s goal went in it was amazing,” he added.

“As I say, it’s difficult to describe what happened but it must have been unbelievable for the fans,” he mused.

“We need to see what happens in the semi-finals now and see who we’re up against, but that doesn’t matter really. We’re one of the best four teams in the Champions League,” he finally concluded.

The star striker claimed that they are pleased after progressing to the next round. He stated that it was very hard following Malaga’s second strike but things panned out for them at the end.