Google has formally submitted a package of concessions to the European Commissioner for Competition, Joaquín Almunia, to close down the matter without an investigation lasting two years for its anti-competitive practices.

The search engine company, with a European market share of over 80%, is being investigated for having included in its contents extraneous material without permission also hinder client campaigns when they want to perform on other
platforms. Similar research in the United States ended without penalty. coalition, which recently filed another complaint against the same body by the Android operating system and uses it for Google to impose conditions on competition, calls for sanctions.

"In recent weeks, the Commission has carried out a preliminary assessment. On that basis, Google made a formal presentation of commitments", said yesterday Antoine Colombani, a spokesman for the Competition Commission.

"We are now preparing to launch a market test to obtain the views of all parties, including the plaintiffs, to find a compromise on the proposed thesis," he added.

Competition Commissioner, Almunia, said in Washington on Thursday that he wants to helpr the firms each an agreement between them.