PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and ex-CM Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, Friday lashed out at Imran Khan for misleading the masses by leveling baseless allegations against them.


They told public meetings in Layyah and Attock district that Imran Khan has forgotten the corruption of the PPP government and has unleashed propaganda against them.


They regretted that Imran Khan has never talked about electricity of Punjab.


Nawaz Sharif announced that his government will root out corruption which has weakened the foundations of the country during the past 5 years.


Addressing a public meeting in Layyah‚ he said his party will eliminate corruption from the society to make Pakistan a stable and economic sound country.


He promised to resolve the energy crisis‚ if voted to power on priority basis. Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan is a nuclear power‚ but the people are facing much difficulty in making both ends meet.


Without naming PTI and PPP‚ he said they have joined hands against PML-N.

Nawaz Sharif said nothing was done for the welfare and betterment of peasants and laborers during previous regimes.


PML-N Chief said‚ if voted to power‚ his party will change the destiny of the country.


In his meeting with Arab Ambassadors at a function in Islamabad‚ Pakistan Muslim League (N) Chief called for further strengthening of the existing good ties between Pakistan and the Arab countries.


Nawaz Sharif highlighted the salient features of the Party’s manifesto for the forthcoming general elections.


He pointed out that this would be the first peaceful change of government in the country‚ in accordance with provisions of the constitution and was most important event in the continuing efforts to strengthen the democratic institutions.


Meanwhile ex-CM Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif, told a big public meeting in Attock district that Imran is misleading the



  1. NOORA promising to end corruption? Problem is that we all know that NOORA is solely responsible to destroying Pakistan’s political system by bribing politicians to join him in assemblies. His assets have grown by 4000% in a decade. Son is doing business in UK with laundered money worth more then a billion dollars. Relatives slapping poor people for not selling them cakes, spending 200,000 dollars a moth for their security. has a brother that like to sing in public rallies, children act like prince and princess, have built 32 factories using stolen money.. supported the most corrupt President on our history.. need to say more? NOORA, your days are numbered, I hope that IK tie you and your family upside down till he gets looted money from you and your family.