Pakistan Muslim League-N Chief Nawaz Sharif Monday accused the PPP of using Imran as proxy in the electoral arena.


Addressing public gatherings in Kabirwala district Khanewal, Faisalabad and Sahiwal, the PML-N chief the PPP is nowhere to be seen in the electoral contest and assigned the task to Imran Khan to divide the anti-PPP votes.


He said that the bullet train worth 10 billion dollars from Karachi to Peshawar will be started if voted to power.


He also announced to lay a network of motorways from Faisalabad to Kabirwala and Multan.


The PML-N Chief vowed that if voted to power his party will eliminate load-shedding and unemployment from the country.


He pledged to setup a new bank to grant credit for youth to help them launch their own businesses.


Nawaz Sharif said he would change destiny of the nation through support of the masses.


PML-N leader said he did not play cricket alone as he made the country a nuclear power and built motorways.


Nawaz Sharif said if voted to power‚ his party will again take the country to new heights of development and prosperity.


He said Pakistan will play a leading role in the region. He said his party will bring a revolution rather than a simple change in the country.


He said his party along with youth will reconstruct the country, adding that the people would have to choose the path‚ which leads to peace and prosperity.




  1. Nawaz sharif it too naive to think PTI as proxy. The truth is nawaz sharif was a PPP proxy who supported them to steal what belonged to the people. Nawaz sharif your days are over and you will return every penny you and yiur brother stole from the people