Chief of Jammiat Ulema Islam-F, Maulana Fazal Rahman has appealed to women voters to cast votes on May 11 to elect capable and sincere leadership.


In a statement, he said that has asked his own family to cast votes. “It is a national obligation and they should exercise this right in order to select sincere and capable leadership”, he added.


Maulana said that women have always been less encouraged to cast votes in elections. He said not letting women exercise this right has been an ancient tradition in some parts of the country which is against Islam.


However,  of late there has been a major change in this tradition. ” Women should be encouraged  to cast votes particularly in tribal areas as they can can contribute to the welfare of this country” he said.



JUI-F considers women equal in every walk of life,  and it is part its Manifesto. He said “in  Islamic history be that agriculture,  business or war,  women  have been on the forefront”.  He said, however, women dignity should be respected and preserved.