Pakistan Thursday said it considers India’s on-going efforts to build ballistic missile system as a destabilizing development.


Foreign Office spokesman Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary said Pakistan has constantly drawn attention of the Indian Government to the issue through composite dialogue process.



About Pakistan’s short range missiles, he said these are meant to address three major concerns emanating from India. These include increasing conventional weapons’ asymmetry; India’s offensive doctrine and development of ballistic missile system.


Responding to a question at the weekly news briefing in Islamabad, the spokesman said that the development of its nuclear-capable short-range “Nasr” and Cruise missiles by Pakistan should be seen in this context.


“Pakistan’s entire nuclear and missile programmes are defensive in nature and we have no aggressive designs. Pakistan wants to have minimum credible deterrence,” Chaudhry said.


When his attention was drawn towards a host of anti-Pakistani moves by Kabul, the spokesman said Pakistan has shown maximum restraint as it wants to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan, which is also in the interest of the region.


About President Karzai’s statement on Durand Line, which divides the two countries in the northwest, the spokesman said this is a settled issue.


Karzai said last week that Afghanistan will never recognize the Durand Line as border between the two countries.


“Pakistan considers statement of the Afghan President as a distraction from more pressing of peace and security,” the Pakistani spokesman said.


To a question he said so far India has not approached Pakistan in connection with its joining the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project.


The spokesman said in all 350 foreign observers from 12 countries would be in Pakistan to monitor general elections.


To a question about the murder of a Pakistani prisoner, in a jail of Indian-occupied Kashmir, he said the manner in which Sanaullah was attacked was unfortunate and matter of deep concern for Pakistan.


“Pakistan has conveyed its concern to India in this regard and demanded investigations to help perpetrators of this heinous crime bring to justice”.


He said Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso has also called upon India to ensure safety and security of Pakistani prisoners in Indian jail.


To a question he said according to an estimate there are five hundred to six hundred Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails and 47 of them have completed their sentence.


The spokesman said a Pakistani UN peacekeeper was killed in action while performing his duties in eastern Congo.


He said Pakistan condemns such acts of aggression against UN peacekeepers and is calling for investigation into the attack and strengthening of measures for safety of UN peacekeepers.