Afghan Taliban Friday claimed responsibility for a suicide attack and killing seven Georgian soldiers in southern parts of the country.


ISAF says that as a result of a suicide attack in southern Afghanistan some six ISAF soldiers were killed, but the Georgian army announced that seven Georgian soldiers were killed as a result of a suicide attack in Helmand Province.

The ISAF press office in Kabul said the enemies of Afghanistan attacked an ISAF base in southern region of the country on Thursday, 6 June, and killed six ISAF soldiers. The press office added that this attack was carried out using a vehicle.

Meanwhile, the chief of the Joint Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces, Gen Irakli Dzneladze, told a press conference in his country that on Thursday, 6 June, a suicide attacker detonated his vehicle which was full of explosives near a Georgian army base in southern Helmand Province as a result of which seven Georgian soldiers were killed.

The media outlets also reported that nine Georgian soldiers were wounded in the attack.

Earlier the district chief of Nawzad District, Sayed Murad Aghan told the media that a suicide attack was carried out on a foreign forces base in Anger Shali locality of this district this afternoon. The attack inflicted casualties, but no report is available in this regards so far.

Even though the chief of the Joint Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces said that the attack occurred outside the base, but a reliable source in Helmand Province said the bomber was able to drove his explosives-filled vehicle into the base. The source added that this Mazda vehicle was the type of vehicle that used to go into the base therefore it easily drove into the base.

The Taliban spokesman, Qari Mohammad Yusof Ahmadi, told the Afghan Islamic Press that this attack was carried out by a resident of Kandahar Province named Abdol Ghafar.

He added: “Some 20 foreign soldiers were killed in the attack and many others were wounded, similarly a vast area inside the base and several vehicles were destroyed.”

Three Georgian soldiers were killed and many others injured as a result of a suicide attack in Mosa Qala District of Helmand Province on 13 May.