Bill Gates has offered to assist Pakistan in health sector in a letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the PM office said Tuesday.


Dr. Waqar Ajmal Special Representative of Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation for Afghanistan and Pakistan called on the Prime Minister and delivered the letter.


Mr. Bill Gates congratulated the Prime Minister on assumption of his office.

He expressed the confidence that the new government in Pakistan would lay special emphasis on the immunization and eradication of fatal diseases including polio.

Mr. Bill Gates extended his offer for supporting the government of Pakistan in the health sector and extending financial and technical assistance to it as far as possible.

The Prime Minister appreciated the sentiments of Mr. Bill Gates and thanked him for congratulating on assumption of his office.

The Prime Minister reiterated the resolve of his government to eradicate diseases from the country and welcomed the partners like Bill Gates and Melinda foundation in achieving this objective.

The Prime Minister also welcomed the Bill Gates’ offer to provide assistance to the government of Pakistan in controlling diseases.