Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousaf says the government soon will table a bill in the National Assembly against the printing of Quaranic verses in newspapers to stop there desecration.


Speaking at the conclusion of 6th annual Madaras Media Workshop certificate distribution ceremony organized by the Dawah Academy of Islamic International University Islamabad the Minister said that impartial and fair view about the contemporary issues should be given proper space.


He said that media can play positive role in protecting the true image of Islam as it can play very positive role to sensitise the people about the sanctity of Islam and Quaranic verses. There is need of a vibrant and impartial media to project the real image of Islam, the minister added.


He said that one must not get into the cheap practices of yellow journalism and should follow the professional norms of journalism as ultimately truth prevails.  Truth has titan power and it should report impartially in a balanced way, minister reiterated.


Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri of JUI-F said that media is the fourth pillar of the state and it must be neutral and should perform its duty in a transparent way. He said that there must be proper check on the media because unleashed freedom cannot be given.


He said that media is becoming highly commercial and it must be controlled in a way to make purposeful.


Later, the minster distribute certificates among the participants of the workshop.