Najam Sethi recently ruled out the possibility of conducting elections of the Pakistani cricketing body, PCB, and stated that he does not want to mock at the decision of the court while taking this decision.

While speaking to the media on his arrival at the airport Sethi stated that ICC want all decisions over Muhammad Amir to be taken under review after the anti-corruption laws are finalized at the end of January 2014.

He also stated that no one should make any predictions in this regard.

His last comments regarding Amir stated that he wants Amir to at least play domestic cricket as he has already meted his punishment.


  1. Let me tell you Mr Sethi, if you really dont want to poke into any desicion related to PCB then why dont you simply resign from your position?

  2. Take a break Najam Sethi sahab the descions meant by you were strange ,,, u want to be the chairman of PCB by any cost…..!