Ever since the fall of Moammar Gaddafi, Libya has been on a downward spiral. There is no sense of law in the country, the various parts of which are controlled by armed factions and tribe. It was only two weeks ago, when the country’s prime minister was held hostage by the rebel and in a shocking development, an armed group comprising of 10 people, have reportedly snatch a whopping $54m from bank van in Sirte, just as it emerged out of the airport.

This was confirmed by Libya’s state news agency.

The head of Sirte Council, Abdel-Fattah Mohammed, while talking to Reuters also expressed his shock;

“The robbery is a catastrophe for the whole of Libya,”

According to reports, there was only one van delegated for the security of nearly 53m Libyan dinars and $12m in US Dollars and Euros.

This is not the first such incident in the city of Sirte, which was the last stronghold of Gaddafi. In July, two huge bank robberies were reported, which accounted for nearly 500,000 Libyan dinars.

– Image courtesy: washingtonpost.com