Punjab government announces 24 crore for the victims of the tragedy in Rawalpindi.

 raza bazar rawalpindi

Lahore : Punjab government for redressing the grievances of the victims of the tragedy in Rawalpindi initially Rs 24 crore has been approved for assistance . The Punjab government announced this package will help rebuild the mosque, madrasa and 160 shops which were effected by the tragedy.  The traders agree with the government’s assistant package.  The vendors will take 10 days to empty their shops so the district administration can start work. It is expected that within two weeks the affected areas rubble will be removed and the construction work for the mosque , madrasa and shops will start.

On the eve of Ashura in Rawalpindi, Raja bazaar fighting between armed groups , resulting in 9 dead and several people were wounded.   Angry mod after the armed conflict set the King Faisal Cloth Market, mosque and madrassa on fire. This timely announcement of assistant will go a long way for those who are affected by this tragedy and will help rebuild the area.