Recently there was havoc in the city of Baghdad when it was revealed that 18 people were kidnapped from the same place. It was found that all 18 people were wearing militant uniforms and they were taken in by an unknown militant group.


This news came down as a shock for all the people of Baghdad since their security personnel were taken hostage by a third party. Baghdad has already experienced a lot of problems in terms of security and this was considered to be another one of them.


Baghdad is an area which has had a lot of problems in the past in terms of security. From a military coup to the US invasion, Iraq has witnessed a lot of problems and while it is still trying to pick itself back up, several groups of militants have created problems for the security forces.


It was recently reported by the government and security officials that 18 people who were kidnapped were all found dead with gunshots on their heads.


The report stated:


“All of the corpses had gunshots to the head and chest, and were found abandoned in a farming area near the town of Tarmiyah.”