Federal Finance Minister of Pakistan, Ishaq Dar, gave an interview to the press on Tuesday night and spoke about the situation of Dollar’s price in terms of Pakistani Rupees these days.

Currently Dollar is priced at PKR 108.40 and Ishaq Dar claimed that he wants this price to fall in the range of PKR 98.0. He said that he wants to bring Dollar down to the level where it used to be across the country.

Ishaq Dar was speaking about the Dollar situation with Geo News in the programme “Aaj Kamran Khan keh Saath” and the Finance Minister stated how a special finance team is going to operate in a cell where they are going to work on the perfect economic package. He stated that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, is leading the cell himself.

He claimed that the law allows the government to take strict measures when it comes down to broadening the network of tax. Moreover, he stated that once the Prime Minister makes the final announcement, it is going to have a legal cover.

Ishaq Dar also spoke about the current dimensions of the country and how they need investment and industrial expansion for economic growth.


  1. Nobody will believe in his statement. It is totally false statement by a Federal Minister. After all he is Finance Minister he knows better how to bring down dollar at 98. He had been the Finance Minister when PML (N) was coalition partner with Permanent Plunderer Party of Pakistan. Now masses are fed with this present government. They are totally failure in all fronts. It means they are failure in all departments. Due to weak opposition in the country they are surviving. The inflation has touched double digit and it is more than 10.50.

    In his statement Ishaq Dar has informed that Banks are gambling for this devaluation. If he has said like this it means the present Government is playing in the hands of some handful banks in the country. Where is Finance Ministry, where is P.M. & President of Pakistan. I always need to see the weeping face of Nawaz Sharif who was giving his speeches before the general election in the country. Aam admi ka bura haal PPP ki hukumat ney kar diya hai aur log khud kushiyan karne par majboor hain.

    Now a day the leader who can tell big lie and he is great liar then he is also a great leader of Pakistan.

    The present Government is failure in following areas and day by day their grey areas are increasing drastically:-

    1. Terrorsim
    2. Talk with Terrorists failure only larey lapy
    Government is not sincere
    3. No control on ban organizations.
    4. Law & order situations of the country.
    5. High rates of inflation.
    6. Low rates of reserve funds in the country.
    7. High rocketing prices of daily essentials.
    8. High rocketing prices of utilities.
    9. Energy crises
    10. Missing Persons
    11. Corruptions at all levels.

    Even his new economic policy this government is encouraging to tax evaders, money launderers, black money people who has minted a huge money from their various source of illegal income. They earned due to high rates of corruption and malpractices in the following organizations:-

    1. NADRA
    2. NAB
    4. TCP
    5. TDAP
    6. NFML (National Fertilizer Marketing Limited)

    They are also unable to make good relationships with U.S.A., India and other countries. All foreign trips of the P.M. and his partners are failure. Unnecessary huge funds from Government exchequer is investing by them for foreign trips.


  2. Mr.Rafique what would you like to say on current situation as if we recall your words you used to say that it is totally false statement by federal minister.
    Current Dollar Rate = PKR 99.9