It was reported from Beijing that a space module, which is carrying China’s first ever lunar rover, is expected to land on the moon by Saturday evening. This is considered to be a major step for the Asian superpower’s space programme.

The spacecraft will be making touchdown around 1340GMT and China Central Television might be broadcasting everything live.

If the rover is able to make a touchdown on the moon, China will become the third country in history to complete a rover mission. The other two countries include the likes of United States and Soviet Union.

 The target of the probe is to make a touchdown on a wide plain which has already been labelled in Latin as Sinus Iridum, which means The Bay of Rainbows.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences also spoke about the mission and stated that landing can be difficult since it is the most complicated part of the whole mission.

 The landing craft is going to use sensors to identify the flat surface on the moon. The thrusters which have been planted on the bottom of the probe are going to gently guide it to the right place. Moreover, the probe is also equipped with shock absorbers right on the legs so that it provides a cushion to the landing project.