According to police sources, five packets loaded with explosive material were recovered from area near former President Pervez Musharraf’s residence in Chak Shehzad.

The explosive material was seized by the Bomb Disposal Squad and the police chief for Bani Gala stated, “We have found five packets of explosive material, each weighing half a kilo, with two detonators.”

The explosive material was reportedly found on Park Road, which leads to the capital from Musharraf’s Chak Shehzad home.

The police chief shared that investigation is underway but so far there is no information related to those responsible for the explosives.

“It is not clear who put the packets here but we have impounded them and begun an investigation,” he shared.

High powered explosives were also recovered last week from the route that Musharraf was scheduled to take in order to reach the court for his hearing. However, the discovery led to the hearing’s postponement.

The retired chief of army and former president of the country termed the treason charges against him as a vendetta and is as yet undecided whether he will appear for his next hearing or not.

Critics believe that the explosives last week were planted to give Musharraf an excuse to skip the hearing related to the charges against him in court.