Former Chief or Army and President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf is currently facing treason charges in the country, which he denounced as being part of a vendetta against him. The 70-year-old also cited the Pakistan army’s support against the treason charges.

The charges are related to the former ruler’s decision to impose a state of emergency in the country back in 2007. However, Musharraf remains steadfast in his stance and said that, “I would say the whole army is upset. I have led the army from the front. I have no doubt with the feedback that I received that the whole army is… Totally with me on this issue.”

Musharraf’s case, which is with a special tribunal, has seen several delays, the latest of which was on December 24, when security forces found explosives on the route the former ruler was scheduled to take to reach the court for his hearing. The hearing was then postponed to January 1, but Musharraf is undecided as to whether he will attend or not.

Speaking about the composition of the tribunal, the 70-year-old expressed his disappointment saying, “The way this tribunal was formed, which involved the prime minister and the ex-chief justice, this itself smacks a little bit of a vendetta.”

According to his lawyers, the current government is targeting Musharraf for the 1999 coup, when he ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from government.