According to the Meteorological Department of Pakistan, the country is experiencing the season’s coldest wave as most parts witness zero and below zero temperatures. Kalat and surrounding areas remain frozen as temperature there dropped to minus 15, according to Geo News.

Likewise, Lahore experienced zero degree temperature for the first time this season along with Peshawar and Dera Ismail Khan also recording zero degrees. Gujrat witnessed minus 2, Islamabad saw minus 3, Multan 2 and Karachi, which is usually the warmest in winters, fell down to 3 degrees.

 The colder areas included the hill sides, like Kalat, Quetta, Parachanar, Skardu and Rawalkot. The met department predicts that the current cold wave is going to persist for another two or three days.

Since there is a shortage of gas in several areas of the country, people are facing hardships in such harsh weather conditions. The availability of water is also a problem since running water has frozen into ice.

Miranshah finally saw snowfall after five years and several areas in North Waziristan, Punjab and Sindh are witnessing extreme cold and fog at night.

The country’s ongoing energy crisis becomes amplified in harsh weather conditions, be it summer or winter and citizens suffer a lot due to both high and low temperatures over the year.

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