Jalil Abbas Jilani is Pakistan’s new ambassador to United States and according to reports has reached Washington to take his position.

Th new ambassador will be leading the efforts to improve diplomatic relations between Pakistan and United States.

With the change of government in Pakistan, leaders in both the United States and Pakistan have been expressing enthusiasm for renewed efforts to improve bilateral ties. The major issues the two countries face are terrorism, unsanctioned United States military action, financial aid and public mistrust.

 Before his appointment, Jilani was the foreign secretary of Pakistan and had also served in the Pakistan embassy in Washington from 1995 to 1999. The career diplomat was also Deputy High Commissioner in New Delhi, India, between 1999 and 2003 and has served as ambassador to EU and Australia.

Now as the United States gear up to leave Pakistan’s neighbouring country Afghanistan, it is important that the two countries reach a mutual understanding. The blockade of transport routes and protests over US drone strikes are common in the country and unless both the governments sit down to mutually resolve trust issues, going forward productively will not be possible according to critics.

-Image courtesy: pakistantoday.com