Due to the severe cold which has taken over the province in the last two weeks, the parents have requested the school teachers that it should remain closed for at least one more week.


It was decided by the Sindh government on Sunday and announced by the Sindh Secretary Education that all public and private schools should remain closed until Wednesday. It was further stated that any private or government school which opens up before 9th of January 2014, strict action will be taken against such institutions.

The same was decided by the chairman of all private schools in Sindh. He came out in the open and explained how this week the children will find it difficult to wake up in the morning and join their classes while it is extremely cold. Therefore, it has been decided that no school will reopen at least until 9th January 2014.

It is pertinent to mention over here that all the schools were observing their winter vacations from the end of December to the start of January. It was decided that the schools will reopen on the 1st of January. However, due to the severe weather conditions, parents requested the teachers that these vacations should be extended for at least one more week.