It has been recently reported from Rawalpindi that a few unknown men shot a college professor dead in Rawalpindi.

Sources claim that the college professor was leaving the college gate when a few unknown men, who were riding a motorbike, approached him and gunned him down. Professor Imrani, who has been teaching for the past twelve years, had to succumb to the blood loss and wounds and died on the spot.

This incident took place on Faruque Road, Rawalpindi. It is being said that Professor Imrani was a favourite amongst the students of Hashmat Ali College. This is the reason why when they heard about his death, they decided to come out on roads in order to protest against the brutal killing of their professor.

Security officials, police and other law enforcement agencies have taken the matter in their own hands. In order to keep the crowd under control, police forces surrounded the area. Moreover, Rawalpindi police has launched an investigation on this matter.

Currently the situation is relatively under control but there the students are still not attending their classes and most of them are out on the roads despite the rainy weather in the city of Rawalpindi.