It was reported from Khoshab, a city in Punjab, that while addressing a rally in the city, the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz leader, Hamza Shahbaz, claimed that during the tenure of the current government, Pakistan will be getting rid of its load shedding problems.

Pakistan has been going through the problem of load shedding since the time of the former president of Pakistan, General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. Since then the country is trying to recover in terms of electricity. The problem started when it was realized that the electricity usage was more than units which are produced by the producing units. Moreover, people were not paying their dues and that is when the deficit increased to the extent where the production units could not produce for everyone.

However, Hamza Shahbaz, while addressing a rally in Khoshab, stated that the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Miaz Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, stands by the promise he made to the nation and he is going to eliminate these load shedding problems from Pakistan. He also spoke against what Imran Khan has been doing up till now.

Hamza Shahbaz also stated that Imran Khan always said that Pervez Musharraf was his hero.