Police forces were able to uncover an explosive-laden vehicle in Karachi. Sources claim that this vehicle was expected to target a key political or police figure.

Major cities of Pakistan are currently under high security alert, especially after the peace talks with the Taliban collapsed. Pakistani government and Tehreek E Taliban were expected to come on common ground as peace talks between the two parties were expected to take place. However, the 23 FC soldiers which were held captive by Tehreek E Taliban were all brutally slaughtered and Pakistan fired an airstrike in retaliation. Since then the peace talks between the two parties have collapsed altogether and are not expected to be the option for neither Pakistan nor Tehreek E Taliban.

The vehicle was revealed by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) near the Mauripur area of the city. It is being said that the vehicle carried at least 100 KG of explosives.

Besides this, three suspects were also caught during the act. Humayun, Saad Ayub and Umar Farooq are now under police custody.

Umar Farooq, who is also known as Faridullah, is famous for creating explosive-laden vehicles. Police stated that he was also involved in the Abbas Town blast which took place in Karachi.