It was recently reported from Rawalpindi that a woman was jailed on Tuesday after she tried to smuggle 63 kilograms of heroin into the country. Sources claimed that the woman is a British national and she is also a mother of three.

The woman was identified to be Khadija Shah, who is a mother of three and a resident of Central City of Birmingham. She was arrested after drugs were found lying in her luggage. The incident took place at the Islamabad airport.

AFP took a thorough look at the legal papers and after going through those papers they decided that she should be convicted and sentenced through a special narcotics court which is situated in Rawalpindi.

Khadija Shah was also fined 300,000 Rupees for trying to smuggle drugs into the city of Pakistan.

She is currently 26 years old and is also six months pregnant. She absolutely denied the allegations that were put upon her. She recently gave birth to a daughter back in September 2012. She had two other children, a five year old boy and a four year old daughter. They both were returned to England.

Her lawyer stated, “This is a terrible outcome for Khadija and her baby Malaika. As happens in hundreds of cases, she was used as a drugs mule without her knowledge, and yet is facing life in a Pakistani prison.”