It was recently reported from Wana that an explosion that took place in the area managed to kill six people which included women and children. This incident took place on Wednesday as reported by different News Sources.

We have heard about how the North Waziristan is famous for its suicide bombers and terrorist organizations. However, this time the case was quite different. It was not the Pakistani airstrike, neither a suicide blast that killed the women and children; in fact, it is being reported that a mortar shell went off and the impact was so high that women, children and even a man of the family lost their lives.

Currently the identity of any of these people has not been revealed. The police has investigated on the matter and this is the only information which has been provided to the news sources.

Similarly another incident took place in Peshawar. A blast took place in Sarki Gate area and reports claim that at least five people picked up injuries during the aftermath of the blast.

Reports claim that the injured were rushed to the Lady Reading Hospital which is located near Sarki Gate in Peshawar.

The police is investigating on the matter.