It was recently reported from Karachi that two more gangsters have been killed during the ongoing operation in the Lyari area of the city.

Karachi was going through a lot of security issues throughout last year. This is when the government decided to step in and they formed a unit that is going to eradicate unlawful activities from the city of Karachi altogether. During this process several people have been killed who were either suspects or retaliated when the police forces approached them.

The Pakistani government is now trying its best to bring the city of Karachi back to what it was in terms of crime rate. The city now has an extremely high crime rate and this is why the Pakistani government is trying its best to eradicate all the problems which reside within the city.

For this the police forces, Rangers and even the army have joined hands so that they can capture the different suspects who have been responsible for unlawful activities within the city.

Most recently the police claimed that they killed as many as two gangsters in the Lyari area of Karachi. The encounter between the police and the gangsters took place in the Nepair Area of Lyari.