It was recently reported from Karachi that a cop and a passerby were killed after two unknown men open fired at a police vehicle.

The incident took place in the Orangi Town area of the city. A police vehicle was passing by the area and two unknown men approached the vehicle and started to fire. Two people lost their lives, including a cop and a passerby.

The situation at Karachi is becoming difficult to tackle for the security forces. The Karachi government is trying its best to eradicate such incidents from the city.

It all started half a year back when the Sindh government realized that there are certain mafias operating within the city of Karachi and they are making it difficult for the people to survive in the city.

Therefore, they decided that the police forces, rangers and other law enforcing agencies should join hands in order to eradicate this problem once and for all. This is the reason why there is an operation going on in the port city of Pakistan. The Lyari Area is strictly under the radar and the Pakistani security personnel are trying their best to destroy the roots of people who are involved in unlawful activities.