Karachi is now full of several outlaws. This is the reason why the Pakistani government has decided to take action against those who are conducting unlawful activities within the city. There are several areas where such people reside but one area which is famous for its underground gangs and mafias is Lyari.

Recently there have been several instances where gangsters from Lyari have managed to kill a lot of innocent people. Now the security forces have taken a step in order to eradicate this problem from the city of Karachi once and for all.

Now the police, army, rangers and other law enforcing agencies have joined hands in order to throw out each and every person who is responsible for unlawful activities in Karachi.

There are certain operations which are being carried out throughout the port city of Pakistan. The Sindh government is extremely satisfied with whatever is happening since the results are quite positive.

Since the final outcome is being so positive, the Chief Minister, Qaim Ali Shah, has given a budget of PKR 5 billion in order to equip the police forces with quality arms and ammunition.

Now raids are going to be conducted throughout the city in order to get rid of this problem once and for all.