It was recently reported from Karachi that a cracker attack left four people injured in a house in Site Town Area of the city.


Karachi has always been home to different news and this time it is about a cracker that was hurled inside a house and left four people injured. No one knows how the incident took place and why the cracker was launched in the first place but four people were severely injured after the incident and had to be carried to a nearby hospital.

The police arrived at the location as soon as they heard the noise and when neighbours spoke about it. In fact a neighbour called the police once he heard a loud noise in the area.

An ambulance was called into action soon after the police arrived and entered the house to find four people lying severely injured. They were all carried to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for treatment as it was the closest hospital in the area.

The identities of the four injured people have not yet been revealed. The police is investigating on the matter and are trying to find out as to who is responsible for this incident.