The Malaysian Airline MH370 has been found through the Chinese satellite; however, the race is still on to find the black box. MH370 disappeared into thin air with absolutely no trace of where it went.


After almost 3 weeks of searching, Australian and Chinese satellites caught a few of the plane’s parts in the Southern Indian Ocean. For two days different aircrafts and ships searched for the pieces and now they have finally found them. It is now being reported that the rescue teams are trying to locate the black box.

 It is still a mystery that how exactly the MH370 simply disappeared in thin air. No one knows what exactly happened to the airplane and that is the reason why they are trying to find the black box. It contains all the information which the Malaysian Airline needs to explain to the relatives and families of the people who have been waiting for their loved ones since the day the plane left.

For now the Australian and Chinese satellites have figured out that the parts belong to the plane. However, they are still in search for the black box. The race is still on and there are several teams which are trying to work on this issue.