It was recently reported from Peshawar that the Taliban Committee Coordinator, Maulana Yousaf Shah, has expressed that having direct talks with Taliban is going to leave an overall positive impact.


Pakistani Government and Tehreek E Taliban have always wanted to get involved in a dialogue so that peace can prevail in the country.

It all started when the outlawed organization, Tehreek E Taliban, was starting to have a strong hold in the Pakistani vicinity. This is where the Pakistani Government decided to take action and tried to drive them away.

After consultation with several people it was decided that both the parties should come to dialogue in order to sort out all the problems which exist between the two. However, as soon as the peace talks were about to commence, Taliban decided to kill the 23 FC troops which they held captive since 2010.

This angered the Pakistani government and they bombarded North Waziristan and destroyed several militant hideouts.

Now both the parties are yet again trying to mend the broken wall and they are trying their best to come down to a conclusion.

This is exactly what Yousaf Shah believes. He says that Pakistani Government and Taliban are about to reach a common ground.