It was recently reported from Karachi that a hand grenade attack left a DSP severely injured. The incident took place at the Sohrab Goth check post.

Sources claim that a few unidentified outlaws hurled a hand grenade towards the police check post. Even though no one died in the incident, still the DSP was left severely injured and now he is currently recovering from his wounds.

Karachi has been a warzone since the past eight months. Pakistani government is trying to take care of this situation and for this the police have joined forces with other law enforcement agencies in order to eradicate every person who is responsible for unlawful activities in the port city.

This has helped the police force make several enemies in the process. Many police officers are attacked on a daily basis and this incident simply puts the spotlight on such people once again.

The operation in Lyari is still being carried out as the government is trying to capture all those who are responsible for such incidents that take place in the city.

Many people have been caught during the raids which have taken place throughout the city for the past three months.