It was recently reported from Islamabad that the Pakistani government is currently facing a tough battle in order to implement an anti-terror law. The activists and opposition parties have attacked this law by stating that it is repressive.


The Protection of Pakistan ordinance gives permission to the security forces of Pakistan to get hold of a suspect for 90 days, without revealing his/her whereabouts or even the allegations which have been levied upon them.

Under the new law, anyone who gets caught by the security forces needs to prove his/her innocence. They will be presented in the court where they have to show how they are not involved in any of the terrorist activities which have been put upon them.

The Prime Minister recently came out with this law in order to protect the integrity of the state. He also claimed that he wants the country to gain stability in terms of defence and protection from outlawed organizations and individuals who are operating inside the country.

A report said, “It also legitimises extrajudicial killings, because the law authorises the police and the military to shoot anybody on the basis of reasonable suspicion, without evidence.”

Currently the law has not been passed since there is quite a lot of opposition that has gathered around it.