Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has today officially expressed his country’s condolences for Armenians who “lost their lives in the context of the early twentieth century,” in the first statement of this type but that has not included an apology. Turkey does not recognize the Armenian genocide, but other countries do.

Erdogan spoke on behalf of the Turkish state to the ” grandchildren ” of those who died and said that ” the incidents of the First World War ” is a ” shared pain ” but did not refer to the responsibility of the then Ottoman Empire at the death of thousands of Armenians.

Erdogan ‘s statement comes on the eve of Armenian Genocide Day celebrated to remember the massacres of what this country qualifies as a genocide of the Armenians living under the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor of modern Turkey.

“We want Armenians who lost their lives in the context of the early twentieth century rest in peace and express our condolences to his grandchildren,” Erdogan said in a statement published in nine languages on the website of the government headquarters.

The Conservative leader said that it is an obligation to understand that the Armenians “also commemorate the memories of the sufferings in this period like the other citizens of the Ottoman Empire.”

Erdogan stressed that many people suffered during World War I and “the last years of the Ottoman Empire were a difficult, full of suffering for millions of Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Armenians and other Ottoman citizens regardless of their religion or origin”.

The prime minister stressed the futility of “establishing hierarchies of pain” and said Turkey argues that a “joint historical commission to study the events of 1915 in a scientific way ” is created.

Despite acknowledging that freedom of speech allows to express different views, described as impermissible ” use the events of 1915 as an excuse to show hostility against Turkey and transform the subject in political conflict.”

” The spirit of this age need to speak despite the discrepancies, try to understand that it is opposite listening, evaluate pathfinding commitment praise rejection of hatred and respect and tolerance “, contains the statement.

Turkey has categorically denied that the mass deportations of Armenians in 1915 ordered constitute genocide and has even maintained strong political disputes about countries like the U.S. or France, where laws have been discussed in relation to the recognition of the Armenian genocide.

Moreover, the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, about 10,000 people participated in a march today to start a Turkish bandea whose burned. The demonstration, which went to the monument to the victims of the Armenian genocide took place after hearing the condolences of Erdogan, according to local news agencies.