Something free from Apple is can’t be real and in a way that is true.  Apple has confirmed a failure in the power button for some iPhone 5. Users who encounter the problem may benefit from free repair program


Users who encounter the problem may benefit from free repair program.


Apple has confirmed that a small percentage of iPhone 5 devices may be causing problems with the on-off button. The company has announced a free repair program for affected devices.


The U.S. firm has explained in one of their support pages incidence. According to Apple, anomalies were found in the on-off button of iPhone 5 units produced in March 2013. The company explained that in some cases the power button stops working, while in others it is intermittent.


The on and off button for the iPhone is one of the most important part of the device. You need to turn the phone on and off but you can also use it to lock the screen and activate the phone when it is in sleep mode. For that reason, Apple has decided offer free fix.


Iphone 5 users who have this problem are eligible for free repair. Apple has confirmed on its website that it is only necessary to check if the device is suitable for the program, for which you must enter the serial number on the website.


Users who choose the repair program have two options. The first is to take your device to an Apple Store, In that case, you may request a replacement phone for the duration of the repair. The other option is to send the phone in the mail, following the instructions that Apple has provided on its website.


The repair time estimated by Apple is between 4 and 6 days. Users can now check if your iPhone 5 has this issue by entering the serial number on Apples website. Currently this free fix is only available to users in Canada and USA, users in Pakistan will have to wait until May 2 to begin the repair paperwork.