A judge of an Egyptian court has recommended death penalty to 683 persons including Muslim Brotherhood chief Dr. Mohammed Badie this Monday April 28, 2014. The defendants were allegedly involved in an attack on a police station that killed one police officer. The judge, however, reversed the death sentences of 492 to life terms in prison out of 529 passed  in a separate case in March this year.

In another mass sentencing case, a court judge handed death sentence to 683 persons which acted as big blow to the relatives of the accused waiting for the outcome of the court hearing. The death penalty for the Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr. Mohammad Badie is expected to  escalate the already high tensions between the group and the military backed government.

All the 683 defendants were allegedly involved in an attack on a police station  in Minya in 2013. A policeman was killed in the attack.

The same court, however, commuted the death terms of 492 to the life time imprisonment. However, remaining 37 convicted will be facing death. The court judgement in March this year draw a wide spread criticism as it was decided after a very short hearing.

According to Human Rights Watch, the trial took place only for few hours and defense lawyers were prevented from presenting the defense.

These two speedy mass trials in Egypt’s modern history demonstrate that the military-backed government and anti-Islamist judges are determined in crushing Muslim Brotherhood members.

A court banned a youth group that was instrumental in the uprising against Hosni Mubarak in 2011 that lead to toppling of Mubarak’s regime.The complain accused the group  “tarnishing the image” of Egypt and colluding with foreign parties. The group leader was sentenced to three years imprisonment in December for violating laws that prohibited protest without police approval.