It was recently reported from Copenhagen that more than 90 business people participated in the largest ever Pakistani business seminar which was arranged in Denmark. The Danish Pakistani Business Council collaborated with Danish Chamber of Commerce in order to organize this event.


The ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan, H. E. Jesper Sorensen was the chief guest in the event and he gave the speech where he spoke about the market potential in Pakistan.

He also spoke about the local market of Denmark and explained how they lack certain things as well.

Jesper Sorensen also argued that there are several countries which are currently overlooking the potential which the Pakistani market has. He claimed that if Denmark is able to invest in Pakistan, they might have a first mover’s advantage there. He claimed that this way they will not find it difficult to enter the market. He says that he is already interested in the companies who are constantly trying to pave their way into the Pakistani market.

The Secretary Board of Investment, Mr Cheema, and the Pakistani Ambassador to Denmark, Masroor Junejo, were both present at the meeting as well.

Secretary Cheema explained to the people how the Pakistani government is trying to improve the business environment for the foreign investors.