The Abu-Dhabi based Etihad Airways is soon going to be launching ‘first apartments’, an exclusive luxury flight package that beats first-class air travel.

Calling it the ‘world’s most luxurious living space in the air’, Etihad revealed that these apartments or residences will be spread over 125sq ft, and passengers who have the money to pay for them will have their own personal butler, trained from the Savoy Butler Academy in London.

Etihad Bedroom

Each A380 jet will have one such residence in the upper deck, complete with a double bed, a living room and a bathroom with a shower, costing you around $20,000 for a one-way trip from Abu Dhabi to London.

etihad a380 apartment

According to Etihad’s CEO, James Hogan, their ‘product’ is aimed at the top end, raising the bar for their competition. Moreover, he believes that their first apartments offer an experience superior to private jets and yachts.

“The Residence bedroom is at the front end of the aircraft, where you can’t fit a normal seat. What we have endeavored to achieve on the A380 is the same experience as you would get on a private jet or yacht. It will redefine the luxury travel experience. If you were taking a private jet, it would cost $100,000 to $160,000 and we believe our product is far superior,” said Hogan.

Etihad a380 suite

Etihad Airways, operational since 2003, is backed by the government and has a fleet of 96 airplanes. Now they plan to add 10 of these double-deck A380 aircrafts to their fleet in December.