The situation is exacerbated in Odessa. Hundreds of pro-Russian activists have attacked stoned police headquarters in the city to demand the release of detained colleagues, reports Reuters. Activists held the building surrounded. A witness has assured the agency that security forces have begun to release the arrested.

The Acting Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatseniuk, has blamed the police on Sunday the death of 46 people in Odesa (south) during violent clashes between supporters of the pro-Russian and Ukrainian unit protesters and the subsequent fire House of Unions, and announced an investigation by the attorney general’s office to find “all the ringleaders and instigators ” of the riots.

Yatseniuk was speaking at the Black Sea city of Russian-speaking majority, at a meeting with activists who reviewed the incidents that led to the tragedy, a new phase in the worsening crisis in the country since the revolution of Maidan last February.

“If the security forces had worked, those terrorists should have been neutralized” to avoid bloodshed, Yatseniuk said in reference to the alleged instigators of the riots, ” outsiders instigated by elements from Russia and the breakaway region [ Moldovan ] Transnistria “.

Shortly before speaking to the BBC, the head of internal Government stated that numerous bodies found in the House of Unions were native speakers of Russian- Moldovan region this most self-proclaimed independent.

Inaction, when alleged connivance of the police towards the pro-Russian radicals and was underlined on Wednesday by interim President Alexander Turchinov, finding the state’s inability to deal with the rebellion in the east.

Kiev accuses police of Odessa disability when maintaining public order and inaction to prevent crashes during a march for unity of Ukraine held in the City West and busted by pro-Russian radicals, which also mixed fans of rival football team. The latter took refuge in the House of Unions, which was attacked with molotov cocktails Unionists, although numerous witnesses claim that there was an incendiary exchange between both parties.

In the second of three days of official mourning decreed by Kiev, Odessa crying the dead Sunday in a multitude of makeshift altars in the city, especially to the burning building. According to the agency Unian radical pro-Russian groups have published on social networks proucranios address some activists have vowed revenge for the death of their co-religionists in the House of Unions.

Meanwhile, in eastern Ukraine continued for a third day on offense and Army National Guard to recover the cities held by pro-Russian rebels. The focus of operations remains the rebel stronghold of Slaviansk, although unconfirmed reports refer progress overnight Konstantínovska the armed forces, which have been dismantled a major roadblock, and Mariupol, south of the province of Donetsk and birthplace of an important Greek minority.