The final of the Italian Cup between Fiorentina and Napoli transcends sports into a political scandal: the weak rule of law to the power of the mafias present also in football. Saturday afternoon began with hordes of fans – or would have to call them criminals – taking over the streets, terrorizing and destroying police patrols. Continued with an ultra Roma, an old acquaintance of the authorities, firing his pistol against Napoli fans, seriously wounding one of them and then running away to be reached and lynched. And ended with a shameful spectacle broadcast by the cameras of the Olympic stadium in live: the master of Naples, Marek Hamsik, requesting permission to hold the party leader ultra Gennaro Tommaso, aka Genny the Carrion, son of a prominent member of the Neapolitan Camorra.

The Carrion – at this time a pre – celebrity in Italy wearing a black T-shirt claiming freedom of Speziale, an ultra – convicted of murder threw a basin – Police Inspector Filippo Raciti Sicilian derby before the Catania- Palermo in February 2007.

The quick arrest of the alleged gunman, far from calm down, enlarged capsize. Because it’s Daniele de Santis, 48, one of the leaders in the ultra famous Rome for being one of the leaders that the March 21, 2004 forced to suspend the derby Lazio- Roma after a false rumor that a police van had run over a child. On Saturday, in theory nor De Santis and Roma were playing anything but, according to the police version of the ultra – clean petardazo decided to receive the Napoli fans, who reacted by going after him. When surrounded, shouted “I ‘ll kill you all!”, Drew his pistol and fired 7.65 caliber six or seven times reaching three rival fans.  A bullet entered Ciro Esposito’s chest and hit the spine. It is very serious. The assailant, also wounded by the blows of those fans attacked, was arrested in the same hospital where victims recover.

After the match, the Italian authorities were forced to give explanations. According to Angelino Alfano, the Minister of Interior, never existed any negotiations with the ultras and the final is going to play anyway. But apparently infers live otherwise. Up to the Slovakian Hamsik did not approach the line occupied by Napoli fans had not stopped falling flares and firecrackers on the lawn and even a firefighter was hit. But even worse was the display of power and disregard for the victims exhibited by Genny Carrion perched on the fence of the Olympic. His shirt demanding the release of one of the murderers of offended inspector Raciti ‘s widow, Marina Grasso, who declared: “I could not sleep. It’s a shame that the state was in the hands of violent and not be able to react. The state has lost “