Miami and San Antonio rolled over Brooklyn (107-86) and Portland (116-92) and completed a first day of the conference semifinals in four games clear rulers had nothing to do with what happened in the first round of the playoffs. Miami won by 21 points to Brooklyn, San Antonio closed with a margin of 24 points against Portland and the day before, the Clippers beat Indiana by 17 points and in the only slightly more even match, Atlanta won by 6 points in Indiana.

Miami regained its best after a shaky regular season end and a first round in which it swept to Charlotte so there was doubt on whether it found excessive opposition or the saw with a rival surrendered beforehand.

The Nets, who had won the champions four times they had faced in the regular season, had no choice this time. LeBron James, as usual, commanded his team with 22 points, Ray Allen and recovered its best four three-pointers and scored 19 points. The Nets endured middle, but when not resisted the pull of the Heat in the third quarter with a 24-9 partial input. From there, the party had no longer any emotion.

Joe Johnson and Deron Williams led the Nets with 17 points each but Pierce was very discreet, with 8 points, and Kevin Garnett completed his worst game in the playoffs. For the first time in the 139 games he has played in the playoffs rested without scoring a single point and was on track for only 16 minutes. The worst part is led Chris Andersen, who suffered a bruised right knee that had already been injured this season.

Spurs resolved in the first part of its commitment to Portland. Led by Parker, who finished with 33 points and 9 assists and completely dominated his duel with Lillard, the Spurs opened up a huge gap of 26 points, which remained comfortably in the second half.

Aldridge, well defended initially by Splitter, woke up in the second half and finished with 32 points and 14 rebounds. But it was too late. The Blazers did not have nothing to do against a team which regained its best Belinelli scored 19 points and Duncan once again exhibited its efficiency with 12 points and 11 rebounds in just 24 minutes and almost all players were Popovich at a high level, except Green.