Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affair was informed by the Secretary Religious Affairs Sikander Ismail about the status of the applications of the Pakistani pilgrims this year. He also informed the Standing Committee about the restriction of 5 years imposed on Hajis. Standing Committee condemned the buring of religious places in country.

Sikander Ismail, Secretary Religious Affairs told the Standing Committee on Religious Affair that Hajis who have performed Hajj during the lost five years will not allowed to go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj.

The Secretary informed the Committee that 140,648 pilgrims from Pakistan will be attending the Hajj this year.

Pakistani applicants who submitted their applications under the government sponsored haj scheme will be informed about the outcome of their applications in two weeks.

Senator Hafiz Hamdullah, the chairman of the Standing Committee on Religous Affairs condemned the burning of a Hindu religious place in Sukkur and said that these kind of incidents are defaming the country and the religion.

The Senate Standing Committee  adopted resolution to condemn the destruction of religious places in the country.