It was recently reported from Lahore that the current advisor on security and foreign affairs, Sartaj Aziz, is open to any leader being elected by the Indian people as they are currently voting for their next Prime Minister.

According to Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan is going to talk openly with anyone who is elected as the Prime Minister in the neighbouring country. He claims that even the party which is being lead by Narendra Modi is going to speak with Pakistan and they are willing to talk to them without any hesitation.

“We are ready to do business with any leader, including Modi,’’ Aziz said in a telephone interview from London.

Pakistan and India have never been quiet neighbours, considering that there is a long history which the two parties share. The region was divided back in 1947, and the two parties have been in competition ever since.

However, Sartaj Aziz has stated that the Pakistani government is willing to take part in productive talks and the last time both the parties enjoyed a relationship amongst each other was when the country was being led by Vajpayee, who is also a BJP leader.

The major issues between the two parties also involve the neutral venue known as Kashmir.