The pro-Russian separatists have claimed Thursday that will keep calling a referendum on the status quo of the eastern regions of Ukraine, reported the Russian news agency Interfax. The decision was taken unanimously, with 78 votes for the collegiate – assembly that leads the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk. ” The referendum will be on May 11. Decision is not our, but of the people,” said Denis Pushilin, rebel leader of the self-proclaimed republic in eastern Ukraine.

” There are millions of people who want to vote. The civil war has already begun, the query can stop and start a political process, “said a man with no uniform but with a Kalashnikov in hand, talking with Pushilin, Reuters reports.

The announcement of the pro-Russian comes after the Russian leader Vladimir Putin asked last Wednesday the federalists and separatists in the eastern regions currently facing Kiev with weapons in hand, to postpone the self-determination referendum scheduled for May 11 in order that ” the conditions for dialogue are created.”

“We appreciate Putin’s call, but he is not the decision maker, but we, the citizens of Donetsk”, insisted the separatists. ” There is nothing to negotiate with Kiev, already portrayed yesterday to disqualify in a rather polite way Putin’s call. “The rebels have also explained the escalating violence in connection with celebrations of Victory Day on May 9. “Of course we expect acts of provocation and violence both Victory Day, and Sunday on election day, not surprise us, but no one  will cancel some celebrations that honor the struggle and memory of our grandparents. “

Putin also said that the presidential elections of May 25 in Ukraine are “a step in the right direction ” and so supported the first elections to stabilize the plight of this country. The elections ” will not solve anything if Ukrainian citizens do not understand how their rights will be guaranteed after celebrating them,” said the Russian president, according to which ” direct dialogue between the authorities and representatives of Kiev Ukraine Southeast is a key element to the regulation “of the conflict. “Must Condition ” to the beginning of this dialogue, he said, is “the cessation of all violence.”

Manifestations of Putin and his appeal to the “authorities of Kiev” were made after talks in Moscow with Didieer Burkhalter, President of Switzerland, which currently heads the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). During the past weekend, President’s press chief, Dmitri Peskov, described as ” absurd ” the presidential elections in Ukraine.