The African National Congress (ANC) has renewed its absolute majority in the general elections held in South Africa on Thursday. With 80% of the vote, the formation got 62.73% of the vote, 3.5 points less than in the elections five years ago. President Jacob Zuma will be reelected and hassle for a second term and take office in the historic government building in Pretoria, on 24 May.

The ANC sit in Parliament to 260 MPs, four less than in the legislature just ended. The big jump is given by the Democratic Alliance (DA), the receiving traditionally white electorate, which would have 22-84 representatives, ie, four times more. The third force is the party created months before the election by a former leader of the youth wing of the ANC, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), which would enter the chamber with 22 members, according to the estimates made ??the public television SABC.

The victory of the ruling ANC, in power since Nelson Mandela was elected the first Democratic president in 1994, comes amid corruption allegations that dot both the party and Zuma himself for having 16 million euros allocated to works of his private residence.

The results show that the electorate has not passed bill for all these cases that have filled newspaper pages during the long campaign. This Thursday, finished the election day, the young men in yellow and green colors of the ANC and shirts with the face of President justified their vote ” for the training of fighters, but not for Zuma “.

This election has been a record turnout, with more than 12.7 million votes, 73% of registered voters. However, only previously registered on the electoral lists one in three of those born after the end of apartheid, the call generation born free.