It was recently reported from Islamabad that Pakistan is now willing to work with the United States in order boost their trade ties. The two countries have been allies on paper for quite some time now but the trade between them was never actually effective enough to move the economy of any country.

However, now a five-year pact is being signed by both these countries, where they both have decided that they will work together in order to diversify agricultural products. Moreover, this particular trade agreement is also going to facilitate Islamabad’s access to different American states so they can explore greater business opportunities.

The two countries were recently had growing tensions considering the drone issue which was being highlighted on several different grounds. US was attacking the North Waziristan side of the Pakistani border and several innocent lives were lost during the process.

Now both the parties are willing to work together in order to improve their economy. Pakistan, considering it is an agricultural country, is going to be benefiting more from this particular agreement as they will now have the opportunity to have access to more agricultural commodities and will also have the leverage to work with new technology.