The NGO Defense For Children International has distributed a video Tuesday that reflects the time in which two Palestinian teenagers were shot dead last Thursday, the day of the Nakba or “catastrophe” of his people, Israel forces. The record shows that none of them was a vital threat to the soldiers, who did not enter into direct confrontation with them and they were unarmed. One even was shot when his back was to the forces trying to clear the protest was being held at the Ofer prison in Beitunia (West Bank). The Israeli army, which denied the use of live ammunition in the attack, insists that the images have been edited and does not show the full reality of what happened.

By late in the morning of the 25th, chambers of commerce videotaped demonstrators showed their solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners who have spent nearly a month on hunger strike, protesting the Israeli administrative detention. In making Nowarrah sees Nadeem, 17, receiving a shot in the chest as he approached the group (48 second video) and then the falling is Mohamed Abu Daher, 16, shot as he turned his back on Israeli forces (1.27). Both died. Another child, aged 15, remains hospitalized with serious injuries.

Recording underpins the witness testimony, provided to local agencies as Maan, which stated that the protest was over a hundred meters from the agents, without colliding with them. The NGO shares this story and why you rate the deaths of the two boys as “unlawful killings” because ” posed no direct or immediate life threatening anyone,” said in a statement its director, Rifat Kassis. Defense For Children International abounds, in addition to the distance, the type of ammunition used. If they had been the usual rubber bullets to break up mass damage had not been so serious, they say. It is further supported by the report of Dr. Samir Saliba, Ramallah hospital where the wounded were treated, which ensures that the internal damage that had could only have been caused by live ammunition. The use of these bullets is limited in the Israeli Army to cases which endanger the lives of their troops.

Both the NGO that facilitated the video as the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine have called Israel a “serious, impartial and thorough” investigation into what happened to these two children, the PLO qualifies as a “deliberate execution.” ” The excessive and indiscriminate use of violence by Israel and live ammunition against Palestinian nonviolent manifestations constitutes a war crime against humanity under international law,” complains Hanan Ashrawi, member of the Executive Committee of the PLO.

Micky Rosenfeld, the Israeli police spokesman, insists that the agents were “separating” the demonstrators, without using live ammunition. From the Army explains that acted normal means of dispersion after the group of demonstrators burn tires and hurl stones and incendiary cocktail. Also insist that their units are not real bullets fired, according to the initial investigation. However, explain that it is investigating to rinse completely.

The accident occurred on a day in which demonstrations in both Gaza and the West Bank and East Jerusalem, recalling the declaration of independence of Israel, the subsequent war and exile of some 700,000 Palestinians were convened. A traditionally tense day. The main protest took place this year in Ramallah, with smaller replicas in Amman (Jordan) and Beirut (Lebanon), which is part of the refugees. These marches were peaceful but, instead, whether there were clashes between Israeli security personnel and young Palestinians in a West Bank dozen positions control. On the outskirts of Jerusalem, five Israeli policemen were slightly injured by stones. There were 12 Palestinian detainees in total

According to data provided by Kassis, in so far this year, four Palestinian children have been shot dead by Israel; total 1,400 since 2000. February, Amnesty International issued a report denouncing the ” trigger ” of Israeli forces following the death last year of 22 civilians in the West Bank. None of them, he noted, ” seemed to represent a direct and immediate threat”, so understood that the casualties were the result of a “callous disregard for human life ” and ” unnecessary, arbitrary and brutal ” force applied ” virtual impunity”. Then the army said that the report ” completely ignores the substantial increase in Palestinian violence ” in 2013 and does not include ” the operational challenges they face,” to the “strong increase” incidents ” seriously compromise ” civilians and military.

Another Israeli NGO Yesh Din, adds that 2000 through 2012 were 3,600 complaints against soldiers or agents for attacks on Palestinian civilians and only 3% gelled into an accusation against the perpetrators. In the past 13 years have been recorded up to 5,000 deaths, of which only 16 have become and just seven indictments ended in conviction.